Adventures in Appreciation


A little reminder popped up on my timeline and it started my mind whirring all about appreciation. I like to think I appreciate the people around me but I wondered when was the last time I told them. Appreciation is one of those things that we mean to do but perhaps with the daily maelstrom of goings on and school life we just don’t show or verbalise our appreciation of others enough. 

So from me to you to say honestly that I appreciate you and all that you do!

 1. I appreciate you if I have taught you, the full range of students in my almost 19 years to date as a qualified teacher & the 5 whilst I was training. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from you and you’ve made me smile, cry but laugh lots.

2. I appreciate you if I was ever your head of year, you’ve made me laugh and your personal situations have made me cry and at times my heart shattered but we rode the rollercoaster of secondary school together and it was fantastic fun. And I’m incredibly proud of the wonderful people you have become. 

3. I appreciate you if you have been a teacher colleague and worked alongside me, I’ve trusted you, shared with you,  laughed and cried with you and you’ve come through quite possibly when I’ve needed you and I couldn’t ever repay your kindnesses. You are truly wonderful. Thank you. 

If you are a school colleague, admin or exam staff, a TA or governor, I appreciate you because it’s perfectly possible that I would not be able to do my job, teach lessons, lead my team, with out you so thank you for always being there and always being kind enough to say ‘yes’.  You are superstars. 

4. I appreciate you if you are a teacher in another school because you have shared your wisdom and expertise willingly. Thank you. 

5. I appreciate you if you share your stories and adventures with me and ask questions or for advice especially those of you I know from a school. It is truly a joy to see the wonderful people you have become. Equally if you have been someone who has allowed me to ask questions and advice from you, thank you. I truly appreciate how you have allowed me to learn from you and your practice. 

6. I appreciate those of you who are friends, actually real humans who I see, catch up with, go to concerts, head to the cinema with for popcorn adventures or out to eat with. Thank you. It’s always fun.

Being acknowledged, appreciated, valued and knowing you made a difference is a wonderful thing yet a basic need so please make sure you acknowledge and appreciate those around you who might not know how much they mean to you. You should tell them really in some way shape or form. Face to face, a text or an email might do, a handwritten note, a card, something to appreciate the people around you because upon hearing it you might actually make their day! Image via