New Year Adventures in my Classroom


After a fortnight of recharging, sleeping in and taking my dog for long walks, the early morning wake up call on Tuesday morning was a bit of a shock to say the least. I’d had the unsettled sleep with the usual teacher worries and the five period day that loomed as well as the ticking of the night time clock, was causing me a little concern. Like every teacher after the holidays I wanted to go back to school refreshed and smiley but it didn’t look like it was going to happen as half past midnight ticked by.

When the alarm’s startled buzz rang in to the early morning air I couldn’t quite see the five period solid teaching day ahead of me through the frozen bleariness, but soon enough suited, heels on and defrosting the car with the gentle buzz of Radio 2 providing some welcome warmth on the journey to school I was slowly beginning to wake up. 

Pausing over some green tea and porridge for breakfast (my New Year’s Resolution to have breakfast & drink less coffee ) in my classroom whilst awaiting the computer in my chilly classroom to power up and start its whirring allowing me to kick off the day. After the usual updates I was granted access to the joys of SIMS and email. 

It’s fair to say that I’ve fallen immediately back in love with teaching, and my classes. I didn’t fall out of love with it I should add, but the five classes I taught yesterday and four I had today were utterly fantastic. My delightful year 7 tutor group were the first to come skipping to my classroom early to share their adventures and fun from the Christmas break; their gifts, their favourite times and their shenanigans in the frost. From caravan sleep overs, bike rides to chocolate eating contests and some very lazy mornings we have been listening intently and reliving each other’s fun times in my classroom. Its such a treat that they are willingly sharing with one another. There are more stories to share, more smiles and laughter to be had over the coming days and I’m truly grateful that the students know how lucky they are to have received the gifts, the time and the love from their families especially when there are so many stories across the world and even in our doorsteps where children’s experiences are tragically very different.  

As if the day couldn’t get any better the five classes I taught were full of more laughter, smiles, joy and excitement as the students came bubbbling in grinning at my welcome back to 2017. I greeted them with some ‘fun with grammar’ namely the Future Tense creating New Years Resolutions recycling language learned as well some reading and translation too. Students worked hard individually and in pairs focusing on the range of challenges set, digging deep and delighting myself as well as their peers with their originality and hopes and dreams for 2017 and all in French too! What a treat! 

I’ve been really impressed with the energy, positivity, focus and creativity of the students in the nine lessons and five year groups I’ve taught so far throughout the last two days, long may it continue! It can be challenging coming back after such an exciting break, getting routines right and remembering the basics, making those connections with students and building on strengthening relationships as well as getting back down to the business of learning but they have been ace, really brilliant and a real pleasure to teach. And just in case I needed to fall back in love with my job again, they just helped me do it. Teaching truly is the best job in the world. Happy times indeed. Image via 


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