Having been tagged in a #blimage challenge by @rlj1981 the aim being to write a blog post with some form of broadly educational content. Rachel passed on the following image, here is my take on it a few weeks after initially being given it (apologies!). Image via @rlj1981

People matter. Looking after one another showing our humanity as well as sharing it is important. Human connection, friendship and acknowledgement we receive from our interactions with other people are vital to existence for all of us, it helps us all grow and develop emotionally strengthening the familial or friendship connection and validating emotions.

The Calvin and Hobbes full comic strip shows Calvin distracted, ignoring Hobbes by working, despite repeated requests by Hobbes, Calvin ‘knocks him back‘ stating that he just needs to get the work finished as it’s deemed more pressing than his best friend. 

Interestingly ‘stuff’ does get in the way if we allow it. Work, life, bills, health it can consume us to the point that we shun activities with friends, family and loved ones ranking ‘stuff’ higher than them without even realising it. Horrifying thought isn’t it? Yet I’ll bet if you take a minute to consider if you’re guilty or not, most of us are, guilty that is. Please don’t worry too much about it because if you have realised that you are guilty of putting something or someone off to prioritise work, there is hope for you, you can change. 

A rather wise friend once said ‘great teachers need rest’ and of course that’s completely right. We all know that being ‘busy’ is the phrase that everybody uses and it has become an accepted norm in today’s society. We are busy and we have jobs to do but we need to stop, take time to recharge and refresh ourselves in both body and mind so that when we return in September (or beforehand) we’ll be better, keener and fresher. The treadmill of consistent and unrelenting workloads, drives us to cease certain things and all that ‘work and no play‘ leads to dullness, exhaustion and lots of very busy (and grumpy) possibly unfulfilled people. 

Ancient philosopher Seneca wrote on the shortness of life, and life is short especially if we spend all our time letting ‘stuff’ get in the way. We’ll never find time to;

  • catch up with hobbies
  • see that film
  • go to that new restaurant / pub / bar
  • read that book
  • try that new cocktail
  • watch that programme or match on TV
  • catch up with friends
  • travel to that destination
  • make that ‘phonecall 

or be just us if we don’t step away from the desk / planner / to do list. We have to stop, put the work to one side and have some fun. Remember playing out as kids? Well it was always fun if you were with the right people but the right people (your family, friends and loved ones) won’t wait around for you forever. So as we all need the human connection, let’s try to busy ourselves doing that instead so our friends, family and loved ones don’t shrink away from us. 

Sadly the final Calvin and Hobbes cartoon published in newspapers was on 31st December 1995 it depicted both of our heroes, two great friends, best buddies, out in deep snow excited at the wintry scenes and discussing the wonder and possibility of fun to be had in the freshly laid snow. (Who among you isn’t excited by a fresh snowfall?! I definitely am even now at my age!) The final panel sees them heading off for fun in the snow Calvin saying ‘It’s a magical world Hobbes ol’ buddy, lets go exploring’. Wonderful! I don’t think anyone can disagree with this, the world is a wondrous place full of magical moments waiting to be discovered and shared, but they won’t always come to us, sometimes we have to go out there and discover them for ourselves. So please 

  • put down your pen
  • close your laptop / Mac / tablet
  • close the office door on your way out

and get out there, unplug for a while and have some fun with your buddies. I doubt there will be snow in August but make the most of what is out there while you can.    Image thanks to http://www.calvinandhobbes.co.uk  Image thanks to http://www.brainpickings.com 


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