#teacher5aday Summer Updates 


It’s the end of the academic year, almost 7 months completed and here is my #teacher5aday update. Thanks @martynreah for reminding me. 


I haven’t been great at catching up with as many people as I wanted to as life, the job list and the daily goings on have got in the way plus the inevitable finality of end of academic year. Despite this I have focused on my team and those immediately around us. One of the MFL team has departed, choosing to take a break from teaching so ensuring that my existing team and the new member had all they require for a positive start in September has been a priority. So I have been focusing on making stronger #connect -ions with them, my brilliant team. 

I do plan to catch up with close friends and family soon. I promise. They are incredibly tolerant and patient and I’m very grateful.   Created with @typorama


Walking the dog is about as far as it gets but I am doing over five miles a day according to my Fitbit tracker which I still love and wear everyday.   


There are several colleagues who have had ‘surprises’ when receiving timetables this year. One in particular, a history specialist received a timetable of nothing other than English. Suffice to say that little support was in place and they have been told to just ‘get on with it’. Their new timetable started in May so they had the half term break to work out how to transform from being an amazing history teacher to an English specialist! Despite working in a different school I’ve done my best to find support so this colleague isn’t noticed for the wrong reasons! 

Whilst out with the dog I’ve also taken time to notice what’s around me more. Stopping for a moment and appreciating all that is around me has been lovely.  


I’ve been doing lots of reading and I have more to do. I want to make a difference and make sure my team do too, not just continue to do the same thing. I’m motivated by the phrase ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’ – however I don’t want to ‘throw out the baby with the bath water’ and equally I don’t just want to grab at a latest fad. I want to read, explore and discover more and this holiday is perfect to reflect and build upon work I’ve already started looking at my practice postively to ensure I am doing the best for my learners, and my team, with the new academic year in mind.    

I still volunteer on Sundays @wildplace . I love it and it allows me time to do something different out in the fresh air where I’m not know as ‘Miss’ and forget about the marking, planning, data, emails etc for four hours!  It’s all waiting for me when I return but I can look at it from a different perspective having had time away, which can’t be a bad thing!    



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