#teacher5aday update – Easter


So it’s the holidays and I’m not quite sure where this half term has actually gone. I am sure many people feel the same. Five short and intense weeks have passed since the last break and for the first time this half term I went up to @wildplace to volunteer. I hadn’t been for a number of weeks as the day job required things to be done and I haven’t been able to work in school with lessons to teach, meetings to attend, support to give and a year 11 tutor group almost in meltdown so I have had to work both Saturday & Sundays to keep my head above water. 

This morning has been absolutely brilliant, the weather was awful, quite foul considering summer time has started. Seemingly torrential downpours alongside almost gale force winds but it was lovely to not be sat at my desk working to update the RAP or intervention blogs, not marking, not planning but to be out in the fresh air albeit windy and rainy. Puddles, mud, fleeces, waterproofs, hats, walking boots and wellies were the order of the day except for one keeper in shorts!
It has been ace to catch up with the animal keepers and volunteer coordinator hearing updates of the new arrivals and changes to protocol to keep animals, visitors and volunteers safe. Exciting to hear that one of the keepers will be going on a ‘journey of a lifetime’ to Madagascar to work with lemur conservationists to share knowledge and understanding. Exhilarating to meet the new arrivals and to see some familiar furry faces this morning too.


In the midst of everything the ‘fun stuff’ had got lost along the wayside but this morning has reconfirmed to me the need to get out and volunteer, I feel refreshed, awake and enlightened, the cobwebs have been most definitely been blown away.
I feel so lucky that I am one of the volunteer rangers @wildplace as they are a fab bunch of amazing people. I’ve almost been there a year, it’s truly great to just put ‘all that other stuff’ to the side and actually do something for me, to have a rest and to get outside. 
The pile of marking, planning and paperwork is still there but having had sometime away from it I feel a tad less hassled by it. I just need to remember that. 
Images thanks to @wildplace and Brian O'Donoghue

Images thanks to @wildplace and Brian O’Donoghue


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