#connect #notice


It was a really interesting first day back, I arrived at school just before 7:30am to find lights on and the cheery faces of teachers catching up outside classrooms.

I think I’m really lucky to work with such wonderful #sharing and #caring colleagues, we #connect ed over a warm beverage and caught up with each other’s news, stories of christmas excitement and the long days of joyous rest and family activities from the last fortnight. Lovely!

A colleague said that her children received a 4ft colour-in Christmas tree which they duly did on the lead up to Christmas Day, taking time to carefully and gloriously colour in each day producing a magnificent work of Christmas art. Once completed, these two delightful artists asked visitors to their home if they believed in Christmas and Father Christmas then if they did to sign the tree. The colleague showed me the image and collection of signatures, I was overwhelmed at their creativity and wonderment. As adults some of us lose the awe, the wonder and the joy, these two little ones clearly were spreading this gleefully and imparting this with everyone that crossed their paths. I wonder if people #notice d. I truly hope people did.

Hearing this warmed my heart and made me smile, all day. It was a lovely story. I’m sure the colleague will keep the Christmas tree art and in years to come reproduce such a joyous and creative time in their childhood.

Image via @kidpresident