15 top tips for 2015


1. Be deadline ready.
Know what you’re meant to be doing for when.

2. Be equipped.
Know your students, make sure you know how they are doing not just academically. Christmas is lovely for lots of us but not for all of our students.

3. Have spares.
Make sure you have extra copies, pens, pencils, books, the equipment you need in your classroom so as to ensure a trouble free start.

4. Be raring to go.
Have a starter ready for them, plan it now so it’s ready and easy to use to get them going as soon as they enter not when they are ready!

5. Be at the door.
Be at the door, ready and waiting to welcome them in to your learning space.

6. Smile.
A warm cheery smile works wonders to all that come across it, students, support staff and teachers alike. So give it your best super smile. Say cheese!

7. Be calm.
Use your voice but don’t over use it. Apparently when we shout it takes a good 10-15 minutes for the adrenalin and heart rate to return to normal. Therefore we are ‘hyped up’ for that long too. Try not shouting.

8. Be reflective.
What went well in that lesson, how could it be even better…? Ask yourself these two questions to remain fresh and keep students working and lessons engaging. It doesn’t take long but is worth ten times its weight in gold.

9. Be committed.
Start as you mean to go on. Resolutions and changes are hard work, so get your tutor group to commit to change or use @missKMcD ‘s awesome idea of being ‘just that bit better’ at something. Perhaps encourage colleagues too. A joint venture will provide excellent support.

10. Be well.
The job we love is hard and we give so much of ourselves we have to stop and take care of ourselves too. @martynreah has inspired a huge collection of blog posts where teachers are committing to looking after their wellbeing too. Have a read and perhaps blog yourself if you haven’t already. Check out #teacher5aday

11. Collaborate.
There will be someone in your school or in the Twittersphere who will also want to develop, change or improve their practice. It will help you and your students to develop your practice, confidence and toolkit and with a buddy or coach you can journey together making it more fun along the way. So #connect.

12. Eat well.
Apparently we are what we eat but also a little bit of what you fancy does you good. Next week and beyond will be tough but stop to at least eat your lunch. You can’t drive a car on an empty fuel tank so find time! How many of us take it back home with us or eat it at the end of school!

13. Get out of your classroom.
How long do you spend in your classroom each school day? Get out and speak to other colleagues or students perhaps even go for a stroll outside for a breath of fresh air for 5 minutes at break or lunchtime.

14. Sleep.
Try to get some decent sleep each night. Staying up until the wee hours then teaching quality lessons all day is a tough ask day in day out. So aim to get more sleep. You’ll feel refreshed and awake and ready for the day ahead.

15. Rest.
What do you do to chill out? Read? Watch TV? Exercise? Walk the dog? If you don’t know then it’s possible that you don’t rest. Find a hobby or book you want to read and enjoy that for a few hours a week to allow you to just stop and rest for a while.


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