Adventures in my classroom


So it’s Christmas and I’ve said goodbye to my classes for the rest of the year, 2014 that is, I’m not leaving but there are some changes for January 2015.

Am wondering and worrying actually how quickly I’m going to learn my new students names in the first couple of weeks as our year 7 classes have been changed from mixed ability tutor group teaching since September to being setted across the whole year group from 8 tutor groups to 9 classes. Interesting times ahead!

Discussing this as a team we have ensured all books are marked up to date, have been handed in for for sorting so each teacher has their class set but I also gave them a list of superb blogs to read from some really incredibly outstanding practitioners to help us all hit the ground running in January settling the new classes but also providing ace ideas to help the team get to know their students really well and swiftly. It usually takes me a few weeks in September, but it isn’t Term 1 it’ll be term 3 and we might well know up to half of the class so I can’t use the entire term getting to know them can I?!

It will be messy and noisy but I’m certainly hoping it’s going to be lots of fun, I’ll have two classes whilst one member of my team has five!!
I shall be definitely using @rlj1981’s incredibly brilliant ‘getting to know you activities’ they sound so much fun and I can’t wait to make those fortune cookies!!

It’ll also be about skilfully managing their behaviour and for some, disappointment, while keeping the learning experience rich and a key focus. So calling upon @headguruteacher’s blogposts and those the silver arrows will be a cert to ensure calm, purposeful mfl classrooms are positively buzzing January!

Of course making are that routines are in place and sticking to what we have instilled with each of our classes should help us enormously. The power of meeting and greeting all classes at the door with a smile and a ‘Bonjour’ or ‘Hola’ then welcoming them in to your learning area is never to be underestimated. You are the one in control and you will be guiding and facilitating their learning journeys and a smile from the teacher, rather than a growl, and purposeful starter will get them in, busy and doing in no time at all. It’ll also relax and focus their minds and give you a minute if that’s what is required. @ictevangelist and his blog posts reminds us of this which we know, have known and hopefully have had in place since September but a few changes could unsettle the most basic and important of routines.

So changes are afoot in my school but am certainly ready for them, as are the team. Very exciting times ahead! There’s no need to wish us luck, we’re all ready!

Thanks to @rlj1981, @headguruteacher & @ictevangelist for your fantastic blogs & prolific sharing! 😀


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