Christmas time


School is finished, the last bell rung

Students skipped out of the gate, I saw some run

“Christmas is coming” is squealed, “Yay!” shout some

It’s on the horizon for everyone.

Staff are convened excitedly in the hall

Excitement is brewing, Secret Santa gifts for all

Thank yous, well done, goodbyes for some

Then others drive carefully to the pub for a swift one.

Decorations taken down, recycle bins full

Classrooms cooling down, from all this terms learning and fun

The site staff are coming to lock learning spaces down

to help all school staff completely wind down!

A good rest, recharge and much sleep is required

To help amazing lead learners continue to inspire

Those learners we love whose futures we shape

To make our world a much better place.

So as classrooms are locked and alarms are set

All valuables locked away, our families and friends are met

Enjoy this break, take time to reflect

To ensure we come back fighting fit and are just almost perfect.

Eggbert&DaisyImage of our 2014 christmas cards beautifully created from @eggbertanddaisy


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