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New Year, New Start?!

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After the long, restful, summer break I was definitely ready to go back to school and I have been looking forward to it after spending the rainy part of the last three weeks taking the time to read some of the great pedagogical texts I have had the joy of picking up from Teach Meets throughout last academic year.

I went to my first teach meet in June last year, the thirteenth to be exact, it was #TMClevedon and since then I feel like I’ve had my eyes opened to a whole new world of collaboration and sharing new innovative ideas about improving practice, teaching, learning, making progress and helping students to become more engaged, better learners without even seeming like they are working. Amazing stuff and loving every minute of it.

Have also met some fab people along the way who just make the mundane come alive, such as @rlj1981, @musicmind, @hywelroberts, @mrappealing and those that question everything seeking out and challenging best practice in all its forms such as @learningspy, @eddiekayshun, @ictevangelist and @basnettj and those incredible headteachers who we’d all just love to work for such as @kevbartle, @headguruteacher and @johntomsett.

Our MFL team has been reduced significantly losing a teacher and losing some key groups since the end of last academic year but we have to look forward. We have excitedly nervous year 7 students and new Key stage 4 ‘MFLers’ and everything in-between. Our results have stabilised after a period of instability in what was reported as being ‘a volatile year’ though we didn’t manage to break to 70% A*-C mark which to be honest I am absolutely gutted about. After deep analysis and scrutiny of the raw data and fun and games with the UMS marks there are some very key challenges we have to address this year. I am 100% certain that we could not have worked any harder, have been more innovative or creative with the tasks of effectively preparing our Y11 students to achieve or supersede their target grades. Of that I am absolutely certain! So this year we certainly won’t do the same thing we will look to develop our practice with the assistance of the wonderful #mfltwitterati and to many of you, for ideas, to keep going to make the difference, to keep our learners excited about languages and engaged, to make revision and homework tasks more exciting and engaging so the love of languages develops and takes hold deep within them. And of course working smarter not harder.

So our targets for this year are:

  • to work collaboratively using lesson study to ensure true collaboration and development of teaching and learning in our classrooms
  • to develop our pedagogical knowledge and understanding to support our learners through reading and sharing
  • to continue to embed the fabulous Kagan strategies that we trialed extensively throughout last year
  • to ensure that all of our learners make progress along their learning pathways, know how to make progress and that they enjoy the journey.

We have a long journey ahead of us but I know we can do it, together.

image thanks to the amazingly creative @gapingvoid