2nd post Adventures from my classroom


What a week! We had the rather awesome @mrappealing in our school working with KS4 on revision strategies and staying motivated for the final push towards the summer exams then fantastically at the end of the day it was our turn. I sat and excitedly scribbled a range of strategies and ideas and came away thinking about one line Dave said.  He’d heard it in a school meeting where one of the senior leaders said ‘we aim to keep the sparkle in their eyes for as long as we can’.  This struck a deep chord within and has had me thinking this week about my classes and the students therein: do they have that sparkle in their eyes whilst in my classroom?  An almost terrifying thought that perhaps they had lost it so I went to task re-planning lesson activities hoping to add sparkle, mystery, intrigue, engagement and excitement whilst making sure that I was still delivering the ‘bread and butter’ lessons that provide a solid foundation for future learning.

I was astounded and amazed at the quality of language used in spoken and written work, the attention to detail and desire to produce something ‘really special’ across year 7 to year 11 classes and delighted to see the sparkle in their eyes when I asked for volunteers to show me their ‘best efforts’.  Allowing students the chance to produce their best response, challenging them to consider the key elements to ensure a longer, more detailed interesting response whilst allowing them time to think, create, develop and review their own pieces, as well as their peers has been truly great.

This set up year 11 classes up for a second mock examination in this last week of term. I am sure that they weren’t exactly delighted at the prospect of a listening and reading test in their final lessons but I reminded them to give me their best responses no matter what and to give them calmly, clearly and to be confident as well as telling them that I was already proud of them.  I stayed up to mark the papers late last night, and am absolutely delighted to report that those wonderful students that I have the privilege of teaching, really did superbly.

They really made me sparkle and I hope when they get their detailed feedback, they’ll keep sparkling too.

image thanks to http://www.iamlivingpositive.com


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