1st post


Last week I was invited to speak at a Headteacher’s conference @goprojectglos about ‘The power of Twitter’ where I actually said that I probably would never blog, less than a week later a twitter pal known to many of you as @ICTevangelist set me a ‘homework challenge’ to get blogging or at the very least to have a go so here I am.

A little panic stricken I thought about what could I actually blog about and who would be interested in what I had to actually say. I decided that one of the things I love the most, aside from the wondrous husband, is my classroom and all that goes on in it.

I love my classroom and I love being an MFL teacher, I consider it a huge privilege to work with young people and to move them all along their learning pathways towards their targets and hopefully to surpass these whilst having fun and making progress along the way.

I am also a Head of Department and despite the paper work challenge I love the team that I work with, sharing ideas and bouncing off each other trying to make the languages experience for our students exciting, engaging and worth turning up for!